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  As labour becomes more expensive it is a natural that electronics will play a bigger role in combating crime, and hence the huge growth in the CCTV industry over the past few years. Cameras do not sleep or go on strike. Our experience shows that businesses are utilising CCTV equipment more and more to deter the criminal element and to record criminal activities. We install alarm systems in conjunction with CCTV cameras on our clients’ premises and are able to access the cameras instantly should any alarm activation take place.


Clients are now able to view their premises on their mobile telephones or laptop or desktop computer from anywhere in the world. These systems are not overly expensive and can be bought outright or rented. The bottom line is that they work out less costly than Security Officers, which immediately improves the bottom line profits of a company. Many residents are also installing this type of equipment and having the cameras monitored remotely. Its amazing what peace of mind it gives.