Christmas 2011 - Annual gift award to Combat Force Plumstead Patrol personnel by Plumstead Neighbourhood Watch. PDF Print E-mail


Plumstead Neighbourhood Watch representatives very kindly handed over Christmas gifts to our team shortly before Christmas 2011 as a show of gratitude for the work and effort which the team has been putting in over the year. We are very grateful for the assistance and co-operation which we receive from the Plumstead Neighbourhood Watch and there is no doubt that our “teaming up” with the Watch has paid dividends in the area.



In this photo we have in the back row from L ro R: Alfons Gensberger (Section 1 Team Leader), Andrew Lillie (PNW Chairman), Bicycle Patrol Officers Sahlele and Felix AND Vehicle Response Officers Jones, Barnard and Pekeur.

In the front row we have from L ro R: Bicycle Patrol Officers Adams & Shabalala.